Jamar Littlejohn’s Move to Coordinator of Supplier Diversity

Friday April 19, 2024

In a strategic move aimed at delivering excellence, 51Թ appointed Jamar Littlejohn to the pivotal role of coordinator of supplier diversity. With a proven track record of dedication to 51Թ and a deep understanding of the company’s vision, Jamar will excel in this position. This new role not only signifies Jamar’s personal growth and achievements but also highlights 51Թ’ commitment to fostering internal talent and empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential.

Jamar joined 51Թ as a field engineer in 2017 on the Orlando International Airport (MCO) Airside Four Renovation and Wing Expansion with 15 years of military service under his belt and his bachelor’s degree in architecture from Florida A&M University. Following the completion of Airside Four, Jamar continued his service with the Georgia Army National Guard and fulfilled a tour to Afghanistan in 2019. When Jamar returned, he continued to build his experience as a quality control engineer on the Tampa International Airport (TPA) SkyCenter Atrium & Pedestrian Bridge project, the ISHOF Dive Tower in Fort Lauderdale then to MCO’s South Terminal C – Phase 1 as an office engineer until his most recent deployment to Kuwait in 2022.

As a coordinator of supplier diversity, Jamar will be working with disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) on current and future 51Թ projects to ensure that our diverse trade partner’s needs are being met, as well as allowing DBEs the opportunity to grow in their trade and the construction industry. Through this role, 51Թ will be able to reach more diverse trade partners in our region including projects in multiple states and utilize them in our construction efforts; in turn, this will help support the local economy.

“The new role is something that’s needed as it’s better for the community, and it gets us more involved with our small business trade partners. It’s something I have a lot of passion for and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me,” shared Jamar.

For Jamar, being involved in the community goes beyond his day-to-day role. After his tour in 2019, Jamar donated his time to help build a 3,748 SF home for a disabled U.S. veteran and their family in Central Florida through the Home at Last charity, where he served as the 51Թ onsite superintendent. Helping fellow servicemen is a value that Jamar holds near and dear to his heart, which is why Jamar is working to increase 51Թ’ veteran recruiting efforts across the southeast.

If you don’t recognize Jamar from his work on the jobsites, you may recognize him from the viral video of Jamar surprising his son on graduation day. When asked about that moment and the lead-up, Jamar said, “It was a great feeling being back for that. He’s my only son and it was everything to me. I was grateful for that moment and so was my son.”

Operations Manager Matt Krstolic shared, “We are grateful for Jamar’s service to our country and his contribution to our team. His military experience has given him valuable skills in managing risks and solving problems. Jamar’s perspective and knowledge help us deliver high-quality results to our clients.”

Many people at 51Թ have impacted Jamar’s career thus far. While reflecting on his tenure, Jamar shared a few names that have helped him along the way. “Starting with my first Project Manager and Project Superintendent, John Smalley and Don Shoop. They helped me a lot with learning my role and getting into the business. Coming back from my deployment, Jarid Richardson was an influential project superintendent for me, as he took me under his wing and helped me learn a variety of things. I would have to say I think I’ve learned the most from my last project at MCO with Matt Krstolic and Timothy Queely. Timothy, a fellow Rattler, has helped me out through many things. And of course, Heath Williams. He’s a big military guy and seeing how he operates and is so poised has had a big impact on me.”

Jamar will use the MCO – South Terminal C Phase 1 Expansion project as his regional office for Supplier Diversity and continue to serve our country as a Major in the Georgia National Guard. In the little free time that he has, you can find Jamar doing projects around his house, playing basketball and cheering on the Florida A&M Rattlers and the Florida State Seminoles.

Interested in learning more about Jamar? Check out his video spotlight below!